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Philippines – Hand in pocket

  The Philippines – A cash society Yes, the Philippines is most definitely a cash-society. EFTPOS terminals are rare, as are credit card facilities. Even at Down Under Visa, we don’t have a credit card terminal or even one of

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Filipinas – Pride in Filipino appearance

  Filipina ladies. Filipina girls. Filipina wives. These beautiful ladies you fell in love with, and who make you feel lucky every day at how incredibly pretty they are. Yet there is a constant quest to improve on what we

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Decline in Morality in Philippines

  The Philippines was always known as the last bastion of innocence, where old fashioned “family values” still thrived and were the norm. It was the home of the virginal young lady waiting for Mr Right. Is there a decline

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Filipina ladies – Telling the truth or saving face

  In the Philippines there is often a conflict between telling the truth and saving “face”. There are also issues of being shy, of not offending others by saying something confronting, and of course being concerned about what others think.

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Filipino Table Manners – The great oxymoron

Remember how we were brought up? This is aimed mainly at Australians and probably most of those of European/Anglo-Saxon type origins, and particularly I would think those older than 40. Because I know I was more relaxed at the dinner

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Filipinas and the old boyfriend – The dangers

  Filipina ladies are loving and romantic by nature. The Philippines is still old fashioned in the area of love. Most girls marry their first boyfriend, and that’s it for them for life. The men may have wandering eyes (and

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Aswang, mo mo, wak wak myths in the Philippines

  Aswang, mo mo, wak wak, dwende, kapre and white ladies! Just a few of the assortment of spooky scary things that exist in folklore in the Philippines, and you will soon hear mention of them if you are in

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The moaning whining ugly Australian expat in the Philippines

  I live in the Philippines. Yes, I’m an Aussie, but this is my home right now and I have no plans of going anywhere else. Yes, I like meat pies and yes I have an Aussie bluntness and “innocence”

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Betrayal of trust in the Philippines? It hurts!

  Being betrayed by those whom you absolutely trusted in the Philippines? Betrayal of trust? A bit of a black subject, but one that’s worth discussing as it does happen. If you are in an Australian Filipina relationship, you had

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Filipino local dialects – The languages of the provinces

  The Philippines has a national language, known as Filipino….or Pilipino. It was apparently meant to be a mixture of Manila-Tagalog enriched with words from other dialects, but this never happened. Filipino is Tagalog…..pure and simple. And given that this

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