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Australian Filipina relationships – It’s All About Control

  I’ve written about this before for various publications but I’m going to attack the topic again because it is so vital to the successful immersion of your Filipina into Australian life. No matter what adversity may come her way

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Expat Circles for Filipinas in Australia

  When you marry a Filipina and bring her ‘home’ to Oz, you have to realise you and her are in for some big changes. Once the ‘honeymoon’ is over, life takes on its everyday drudgery and grind and one

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A Plethora of PALs – Airlines in Philippines

  Most expats are aware that the national flag carrier airline of the Philippines is Philippine Airlines, also known as PAL, which some say stands for ‘Planes Always Late’. The competition is Cebu Pacific and in recent years, Air Asia.

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Australian Drivers Licence – Freedom For Your Filipina

  I knew when my asawa came to Australia she would need a driver’s license. Having the freedom to be able to hop in the car and go where you want to, when you want to is a big deal;

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Getting The Story Straight – Straight Talking and Filipinos

  Any foreigner, commonly referred to as a ‘kano’, as in ‘Amerikano’ but also just as easily ‘Australikano’, who has had anything to do with Filipinos and especially Filipinas will know that they often tell very implausible stories. In fact,

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The Double Standard – Filipino or Foreigner

  There are double standards in every facet of life and every society; the Philippines and the Fil-Aus (Fil-Am, Fil-Brit etc) community is no exception. These double standards exist and there is little any of us can do to change

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Philippine Airlines, First In So Many Ways

  I have to say while researching these articles on flying with Filipino carriers I have spent a number of fascinating hours reading about all sorts of aerial adventures. While there have been a fair number of general aviation type

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Not Waving, Drowning – Filipino beach culture

  Most Filipinos live fairly close to the sea. With the exception of those ‘taga bukid’, mountain dwellers, most people live close enough to enjoy a family outing to the sea if they so choose. Given this it never ceases

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Life’s A Beach – Life in Philippines

  When we think of the phrase, ‘tropical paradise’, we usually include blue sky, green coconut palms fringing a white sand beach and gently lapping azure blue water so clear you can see the fish darting by. Sadly, for many

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The Best Days Are Often The Least Expensive

  I always have to smile when a Filipino mentions how much fun they had as kids in the ‘summer’. To me, it is pretty much always summer in the Philippines, but of course, this isn’t really accurate. In January

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