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Australian Filipina relationships – It’s All About Control

  I’ve written about this before for various publications but I’m going to attack the topic again because it is so vital to the successful immersion of your Filipina into Australian life. No matter what adversity may come her way

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Making the Marriage Last

When your wife first arrives in Australia, everything is exciting. It’s so nice to wake up with her next to you instead of a big patch of emptiness. You get fussed over. You get things done for you. It’s all

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Guest Post : Problems that Can Occur in the Long Term in Filipina/Western Marriages

courtesy of Ted – an old friend of mine……….. Hi Jeff, I have read your new immigration site and it seems very good. All the advice on it is of course valid and I hope potential clients will take the

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“Helpful” Relatives….Jealousy, “Crab Mentality” and Assorted Bad Advice

You will discover that everyone is an expert in the Philippines. No one wants to admit they don’t know something. And the more senior the family member, the more they’re likely to give advice….even if they know nothing about it.

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Duty to Family….and Money Issues

Again, think of interdependence rather than independence. The family is EVERYTHING to Filipinos. Filipinos don’t grow up and move out. If they DO move out, it’s quite normal for them not to move very far. Concepts of “privacy” and “needing

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Filipina Wives

Commonsense advice & information for men married to a girl from the Philippines What is this site about? It is a website specifically for Australians which explains the wonderful aspects of marriage between Filipinas (Filipino ladies are referred to as

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