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Loaning money in the Philippines – The pitfalls

  The Philippines is a poor country. To most Filipinos, you as an Australian will be…..or at least appear….to be very rich! So you will always have people wanting to borrow money from you. Sometimes they are sincere, and other

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Differences between Philippines and Australia – Part 2

  Hello all. Something a bit different once again, just like last week. And it’s still not easy to get a clear perspective on the real differences between life in Australia and life in Philippines. This time it’s about moving from

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Filipino local dialects – The languages of the provinces

  The Philippines has a national language, known as Filipino….or Pilipino. It was apparently meant to be a mixture of Manila-Tagalog enriched with words from other dialects, but this never happened. Filipino is Tagalog…..pure and simple. And given that this

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Social position – A Filipino thing

  Australia is an egalitarian society. We like a social level-playing-field. Everyone is called and considered a “mate”, and we like to believe we are all equal regardless of our financial position or where we came from. No, Australian society

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The Filipino is different to you

I know it may seem rather obvious a statement to make, but your Filipina spouse is very different to you in more ways than you might think. This isn’t just my opinion based on my personal interaction and involvement with

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The Filipino Tambay – Life On Standby

On any street corner in the Philippines you will find a group of Pinoys (Filipino men, females are Filipina or Pinay) keeping the economy afloat. They are ‘tambay’ (pronounced tam-bye), also known as being ‘on stand by’. Ready for anything,

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