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Onion skin – Bruised Filipino pride

  Filipinos are the nicest and kindest people in the world, but they tend to have “onion skin”. Filipino pride is easily hurt, and the reaction is not always rational. And it’s really important that you understand this if you’re

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The moaning whining ugly Australian expat in the Philippines

  I live in the Philippines. Yes, I’m an Aussie, but this is my home right now and I have no plans of going anywhere else. Yes, I like meat pies and yes I have an Aussie bluntness and “innocence”

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Betrayal of trust in the Philippines? It hurts!

  Being betrayed by those whom you absolutely trusted in the Philippines? Betrayal of trust? A bit of a black subject, but one that’s worth discussing as it does happen. If you are in an Australian Filipina relationship, you had

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Social position – A Filipino thing

  Australia is an egalitarian society. We like a social level-playing-field. Everyone is called and considered a “mate”, and we like to believe we are all equal regardless of our financial position or where we came from. No, Australian society

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Trust in Australian-Filipina Marriages

Trust in a marriage! Vital, most would say. And you’ll get no arguments from me, because my Australian-Filipina marriage is based on it and I reap the benefits every single day. Yet I also know how much damage can be

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