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Differences between Philippines and Australia – Part 2

  Hello all. Something a bit different once again, just like last week. And it’s still not easy to get a clear perspective on the real differences between life in Australia and life in Philippines. This time it’s about moving from

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Australian Filipina relationships – It’s All About Control

  I’ve written about this before for various publications but I’m going to attack the topic again because it is so vital to the successful immersion of your Filipina into Australian life. No matter what adversity may come her way

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The Double Standard – Filipino or Foreigner

  There are double standards in every facet of life and every society; the Philippines and the Fil-Aus (Fil-Am, Fil-Brit etc) community is no exception. These double standards exist and there is little any of us can do to change

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The Very Real Danger Of Cold Water

  We Kanos may well laugh, but when the asawa says the kids shouldn’t have a shower after running around in the sun, there is more to this than we may think. Filipinos will avoid wetting their hair before going

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The Filipino is different to you

I know it may seem rather obvious a statement to make, but your Filipina spouse is very different to you in more ways than you might think. This isn’t just my opinion based on my personal interaction and involvement with

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Relationship Reality Check

There is a myth that exists that Filipinas are loyal, loving and will serve their husbands faithfully, treating him like a king. Like all myths, there is a foundation of truth within the hyperbole. The reality, though, is that the

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Filipino Family – Family First

In the Philippines, family is everything! Never underestimate this. Families are the bricks that Filipino society is built on, and the loyalty inherent in those family relationships is the mortar that holds those bricks together. It can be a source

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