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The charm and beauty of Filipina ladies

  Not sure if I’ve written something as specific as this before. Maybe Filipina charm and Filipina beauty is pretty obvious to Down Under Visa and Filipina Wives BLOG readers, but I feel like writing about it. Because if it wasn’t

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Making the Marriage Last

When your wife first arrives in Australia, everything is exciting. It’s so nice to wake up with her next to you instead of a big patch of emptiness. You get fussed over. You get things done for you. It’s all

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Guest Post : Problems that Can Occur in the Long Term in Filipina/Western Marriages

courtesy of Ted – an old friend of mine……….. Hi Jeff, I have read your new immigration site and it seems very good. All the advice on it is of course valid and I hope potential clients will take the

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Lies and Other Family Nonsense

I believed before and I believe now that Filipina ladies in general are the finest women in the world, and if you’re lucky enough to form a loving relationship with one then you are indeed lucky. And MOST are honest

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Myths and Cliches

The truth about Filipina wives and “Asian Wife” myths   Western society has been cursed with feminism. I say “cursed”, because our society has suffered because of it. Marriages have a failure rate of nearly 50%, and that’s a terrible

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Your Filipina Wife in Australia

What to do when your wife arrives from the Philippines So, she gets her visa. You’re both hugely excited, and you book the flight for her. She arrives. What now? I’ve known of men who’ve let her unpack, and have

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Filipina Wives

Commonsense advice & information for men married to a girl from the Philippines What is this site about? It is a website specifically for Australians which explains the wonderful aspects of marriage between Filipinas (Filipino ladies are referred to as

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