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Lies and Other Family Nonsense

I believed before and I believe now that Filipina ladies in general are the finest women in the world, and if you’re lucky enough to form a loving relationship with one then you are indeed lucky. And MOST are honest

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The Age Difference and the Father/Daughter Syndrome

We meet a lot of couples. It goes with the territory, obviously. We see them in our office. We communicate with our clients by email all the time. It doesn’t take long for us to see how they relate to

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The Male Eunuch….a Victim of the Burning Bra

This is really more of a Western-stemmed cultural problem than a Filipino problem. Filipinos and Filipinas themselves have very little problem in this area, but the mentally-castrated male can have all sorts of problems. And this can and will affect

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Issues with Kids

HUGE can of worms! We all love our kids, and we take our parenting very seriously. If you have kids, or if your lady is a single mum with kids, then you will have things you need to deal with.

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“Helpful” Relatives….Jealousy, “Crab Mentality” and Assorted Bad Advice

You will discover that everyone is an expert in the Philippines. No one wants to admit they don’t know something. And the more senior the family member, the more they’re likely to give advice….even if they know nothing about it.

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Duty to Family….and Money Issues

Again, think of interdependence rather than independence. The family is EVERYTHING to Filipinos. Filipinos don’t grow up and move out. If they DO move out, it’s quite normal for them not to move very far. Concepts of “privacy” and “needing

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Myths and Cliches

The truth about Filipina wives and “Asian Wife” myths   Western society has been cursed with feminism. I say “cursed”, because our society has suffered because of it. Marriages have a failure rate of nearly 50%, and that’s a terrible

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Filipina Wives

Commonsense advice & information for men married to a girl from the Philippines What is this site about? It is a website specifically for Australians which explains the wonderful aspects of marriage between Filipinas (Filipino ladies are referred to as

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