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Filipino Kids – Why are they so special?

  I admit that sometimes I get a little frustrated with the locals here. Am I always right and reasonable? Of course not. I’m human, and I can be judgmental at times. I admit it. However, I have nothing but

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The charm and beauty of Filipina ladies

  Not sure if I’ve written something as specific as this before. Maybe Filipina charm and Filipina beauty is pretty obvious to Down Under Visa and Filipina Wives BLOG readers, but I feel like writing about it. Because if it wasn’t

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Differences between Australia and Philippines

Hello all. Something a bit different today. Not always easy to get a clear perspective on the real differences between life in Australia and life in the Philippines. Most of us haven’t really experienced the depths of both societies. I’ve

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The Best Days Are Often The Least Expensive

  I always have to smile when a Filipino mentions how much fun they had as kids in the ‘summer’. To me, it is pretty much always summer in the Philippines, but of course, this isn’t really accurate. In January

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Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s)

The Overseas Filipino Worker, of OFW, is one of the cornerstones of the Filipino economy. There are some ten million Filipinos working in foreign countries, sending back the majority of their pay to their relatives. They are such a vital

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