Romantic, old-fashioned girls in the Philippines


The times they are a’changing, of course. Facebook and access to the internet has exposed the Philippines to changing moral values, yet Filipina girls are mostly still old fashioned romantics at heart. Romantic Filipinas wherever you look.


Romantic Filipina girls. The girls of the Philippines remain old fashioned romantics.



Filipina girls and morality

I wrote an article recently about the decline in morality in the Philippines amongst young people, and I stand by that. Please read HERE if you haven’t already done so. The Philippines used to be the bastion of innocence. If a girl wasn’t married, good chance she was still a virgin waiting on Mr Right to come and ask her parents if he may court her. She would go on dates with you if she had a chaperone with her, and as long as her parents knew when she would be home.

Since then? Facebook and Nicki Minaj videos and Miley Cyrus “discovering who she is” through promiscuity. These are the new role models, instead of their virtuous mothers and grandmothers. Let me explain why I think this is sad, and also why I think there’s still hope.


Filipina girls are romantic

A “tough” attitude toward morality may well work for some women. There are tough women out there in the world, no doubt. Nicki and Beyonce are probably pretty tough. But it is doomed to failure when the girl is soft-hearted and romantic by nature, and that’s what the average Filipina girl is.

I’m realizing lately that Filipina girls, even the younger millennials (teens to maybe mid to late 20’s), haven’t actually changed much in essence. The very fact that they still use the word “courting” is a bit of a hint. In most cases? Most Filipinas give their hearts once! They fall for a chap, and they hang on for dear life. Bed-hopping and having sex as a “good way to pass the time”? Rarely! Most girls fall head over heels for a boy or man, and they can and will love him for the rest of their lives.

How about the young men of the Philippines? Is the average Filipino male a soft-hearted romantic? No. No, sadly not. And this is especially so when he’s young and at his most virile. He’s much the same as any other teenage to mid 20’s young men. He’s on the hunt, and he wants to populate the world. The more the merrier. And what could be better for him in this quest than a large number of romantic females who have new-found sexual freedom and Miley in their ears singing “It’s our party we can love who we want”?

And at the end of the day, are these girls actually getting what they want? Most of the ones I see are ending up miserable, because the boys are not in love at all. They want sex, and they get sex by claiming they’re in love. And the girls believe this. And if the boys cheat on the girl and get caught out? They tell the girl how sorry they are, and she forgives them! And it keeps on going until the girl joins the expanding (literally!) crowd of Filipina single mothers. Because these fine young men don’t like using condoms and the girls accept this!


The good thing about romantic Filipinas

You were probably wondering where I was going with this. Yes, I was having a bit of a rant because I find the whole thing sad. Lovely girls trying out cool new ideas and making themselves miserable in the process. And young men acting like animals with no restraint because of this. Boys have conquest stories to tell, whilst girls get broken hearts. What’s the positive side?

The positive side is that a romantic girl is a great catch for a decent man with a soft heart, and that describes most Australian men. The average Aussie male is a fairly straight-forward and often unrefined sort of bloke, but with a kind and honest nature. And decades of rampant feminism have made many of us really crave a good woman who will treat us with kindness and sweetness. And once we find her, we treasure her and will happily take care of her. Combine this with a romantic girl who wants a knight in shining armour to sweep her up, marry her and build a family with her, and you have a great combination.

Keep treating her well, and that old-fashioned and romantic nature will remain. Always tell her you love her. Never stop “dating” with your wife. And never forget how incredibly lucky you are, and be sure to tell her regularly. Do this and you’ll have many happy years.




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9 comments on “Romantic, old-fashioned girls in the Philippines
  1. John says:

    Rubbish I am the one who always tells her I love her, after ten years she is no different than an English woman I cook look after then kids and all she does is sulk. I gave up a wife and life sit tight guys and enjoy what you have …

  2. Ted says:

    Nice to see you are still dishing out sound, commonsense advice, Jeff. Good grief, I shall be seventy this week and my wife and I have been together thirty-seven years, forty-one if you count the unusually long, handwritten correspondence of four years. Although the long-term Filipina marriage problems I mentioned before are real in the pragmatic sense, there are also immense rewards to be enjoyed. Not least of these is conscious love, a fabulous gift in one’s later years My old-fashioned romantic Filipina has kept her idealism through the many hundreds of problems and I have kept mine. Inasmuch as the younger ones you advise probably don’t think about it, you can tell them the best is yet to come. All they have to do is make up their minds that it shall be so.

    • Jeff Harvie says:

      Wise words from a wise man! Hello Ted. Congratulations on your pending 70th. I hope you look us up one day if you ever make the trip back. We’ve known each other for a lot of years. Yes, you very obviously married your best friend too. What could possibly be better?

  3. Ted says:

    Belated thanks, Jeff, I don’t use the internet much these days and hadn’t noticed your reply. A bit off topic, but since posting, we have learned we are to be grandparents early next year. Now there is another true reward of a long-term marriage ! You can imagine the response to that from overseas !

    • Jeff Harvie says:


      Beat you to it, Ted. Became a grandad 32 days ago. Already have 6 kids in our home, and a wayward pregnant niece camped upstairs. We get used to babies here. More fun in the Philippines!Congratulations on your pending arrival. Hope all goes well, and you need to start growing your grandpa beard back again!

  4. TedTTed says:

    Thanks Jeff, and congratulations ! Raquel has already bought a supply of wool to knit various things. Knitting, sewing and dressmaking are quite rare abilities among Filipinos, but she was taught by my mother in the early days while I was at work and has been busy at it ever since. From my father she learned how to bet on horse races, and continues to be busy at that too !

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