The charm and beauty of Filipina ladies


Not sure if I’ve written something as specific as this before. Maybe Filipina charm and Filipina beauty is pretty obvious to Down Under Visa and Filipina Wives BLOG readers, but I feel like writing about it. Because if it wasn’t for the charm and beauty of Filipina ladies, none of us would have any specific to talk about, would we?


Filipina ladies are well known for their beauty and charm



Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, of course. I always liked petite women. Always preferred brunettes to blondes. And I have early memories of being a 6 or 7 year old and finding a little girl at school of Asian background to be particularly pretty. So yes, it made it particularly logical that one day I stopped dating Aussie women and turned my attention to the Philippines. Odd that I didn’t do so earlier, really. I’ve lived full time in the Philippines for the last 7 years, and to me it’s far more normal to see Filipinas than it is to see Caucasians. And I’m not complaining in any way.


Filipina charm and personal qualities

And whist beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the number one factor in why I think we decent Aussie gentlemen find ourselves attracted to Filipina girls is their charm. Their sweetness. Their gentleness. Their kindness. Their generosity and compassion. Their easy-going nature. Their old-fashioned and stable attitudes toward marriage, families and children. And that propensity to smile just-because! To me? Those are definitely the factors that push our lovely Filipina wives and sweethearts well and truly over the line, and make them completely irresistible.

I can remember talking to Australian friends after my first two relationships with Filipina ladies fell down, and discussing how I would try again. Aussie woman looks at me and asks me why I hadn’t “learned my lesson yet?” Why on earth would I try again? Why don’t I just look for a local lady?

I asked her a straight question, and to her credit she answered honestly. I said “OK, YOU tell me if you know of any local woman whom you could introduce me to who would be prepared to get to know me with a view to marriage-for-life and would make a great wife and mother to my two sons?” She knew a lot of people, yet after thinking for a bit she shook her head. Plenty of lovely ladies around in Australia, but most of them are married and will stay married. Of the ones that are left, it’s not so easy to find someone who has the family values, traditional view on marriage and easy-going kind caring nature to match what the average family-oriented Aussie man is looking for.

Yet in the Philippines? It’s not so unusual. Yes, I recently had a bit of a rip into the effect of modern western-style values on the younger Filipino population, and I stand by this. But it’s still not so hard to find a sweet, kind and caring lady here who can make you very happy. I tend to think in a positive tone that many of the “millennials” will soon tire of the experimentation into western style morality when they meet a decent man who wants to marry them.


Filipina kindness

I couldn’t write this without praising my own wonderful wife Mila. Couldn’t possibly hope for anybody to take better care of me than her. Most selfless and generous person I’ve ever known, and like that line in the movie “She made me want to be a better person”. Fact! I know I’m kinder and more generous than I was before I met her, simply by being with her every day. And because she’s very obviously taken already, I will tell you that she’s not the only kind-hearted and generous woman here in the Philippines. Empathy for others, and a willingness to share what they have and to give of themselves, this is normal here in the Philippines. Kindness is shown to friends, family, total strangers and very much to husbands of Filipina ladies! My challenge is to try to keep up with how much she does for me. I try, but I haven’t a hope because I don’t believe I have the same capacity for kindness. Although simple gestures, kind words, sharing time and a few romantic gestures seem to go a long way.


Filipina smiles

And smiles? My goodness, how wonderful it is to be greeted by ladies who smile for absolutely no reason at all? To have a house full of laughter. Where ladies don’t spend too much time dwelling on those real or imaginary things that could get them down, because there’s always something better to think about and plenty of reasons to be grateful for a good life. Hard to frown when she’s too busy counting her blessings! And being greeted by a smiling face from someone who’s genuinely happy just because you’re there? That’s something pretty special.


So yes, I must admit my beauty-detector finds these ladies utterly gorgeous physically. Big brown eyes like chocolates. Shiny black hair. Cute little noses. Coffee-coloured skin. Utterly delicious! But whilst that’s very pleasant, it’s the beautiful hearts that these ladies possess that is their true essence. It’s that goodness that the love and the smiles stem from. I’m happy, and I’m not going anywhere!




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6 comments on “The charm and beauty of Filipina ladies
  1. joe says:

    You didn’t mention their hot tempers

    • Jeff Harvie says:

      Correct! Because that wasn’t the topic.

    • John Hammond says:

      The reason for their hot tempers is because they’re so full of passion. Everything they do, they do it with passion. It’s easy to defuse Anyway. Just be strong and confident, pull her into your arms, look lovingly into her eyes, hold her, kiss her, and tell her how much you love her. Then make hot passionate love to her. Then all is wonderful again. She just needs to know that she’s your Queen and Goddess. I for one will happily accept that hot temper to have the blessing of the passionate life only a fabulous Filipina can bring into my life.

      • Marum says:

        Maligayang pagbati Juan, I am pleased your response was the same as mine. I was beginning to wonder if I was some sex-mad pervert. My magandang babae used to love it that I found her so interesting. Her dad was Spanish, and she had the best of both lots of genes. (Espanola y la Filipina) So beautiful and such a great lover. Na ang mga babae ay ang pagibig sa aking buhay. She was so little, that I had to be so careful with her. She said, that she loved me even more, for my care and attention to her. In our day everyone spoke Spanish.

        Beunas noches hombre, vaya con dios.

        Purrrr….Marum.(Ang chess maglaro ng pusa)

  2. Marum says:

    The mixture of fire and charm. is what makes such ladies interesting Aking magandang kerida, would occasionally suffer from the dreaded TAMPO. I would usually do something outrageous, and she would snap out of it, and leap upon me with he teeth, tongue, lips, etc and institute a wild lovemaking session. She told me, she loved me too much to stay mad with me. Usually, it came from the clash of cultures thing. I acted differently to how she had anticipated. Normally we enjoyed such things I usually thought it was funny, but pulled her aside where no one could see us, and kissed her all over and told how beautiful she was, and happy she made me. What a lady, and what a lover.
    Ang mga ginang ang pagibig sa aking buhay….Marum Katze

  3. Marum says:

    BTW Jeff.
    Good work mate. I have never before read such a good article on la Filipinas. Usually they are some (el pajero pueblo) {Esp} bragging about how many ladies he has had. Why men often regard ladies as, “conquests” astounds me. If anything my lady conquered me. We were teenagers when we met, and all we wanted to do, was get married as soon as we could, and have lots of beautiful mestizo children.
    Unfortunately, that was never to be. Life is what happens when we are making our little plans. We occasionally ran into each other throughout this life, but we never forgot each other. I intend to retire to the Philippines to retire soon. Not to find a lady, just to retire. Oh yes! And to visit my lady’s gravesite -we have things to tell each other.

    They whom the Gods would defeat, they first make mad.

    Meeeooowwwrrr….Marum. (Die Schachspielenkatze)

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