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The Philippines and the Filipino Hospital

filipino hospital and getting sick in the Philippines

  To the average Australian, going to the hospital is a bit of a last resort. Not talking about turning up at the Accident and Emergency when you slice your finger open and it’s 3:00am. I’m talking about an illness

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Philippines Health Issues – Breakdown Maintenance

  I think most of us understand the term “breakdown maintenance”? We all know those with cars that only get serviced when they stop working? The car sees the mechanic when a bit falls off it that can’t be easily

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The obsession with milk, rice and vitamins in the Philippines

  The milk lobby has long been very effective in convincing people that milk is an essential part of good nutrition. Nowhere more than in the Philippines. Filipino parents are utterly convinced that milk (and vitamin pills) are essential for

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Being a poor Australian man in the Philippines

  A blunt heading, but it’s a topic I feel like being blunt about. As an Australian man in the Philippines, you simply don’t want to be poor. Mila and myself have lived here full time for just over seven

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The Filipino Comfort Room – The great oxymoron

  The Filipino Comfort Room (CR) Australian slang has so many words for that room with a toilet in it. The dunny. The loo. The bog. The thunder box. Most of us Aussies could prattle off about another 10 –

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Romantic, old-fashioned girls in the Philippines

  The times they are a’changing, of course. Facebook and access to the internet has exposed the Philippines to changing moral values, yet Filipina girls are mostly still old fashioned romantics at heart. Romantic Filipinas wherever you look.    

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Filipino Kids – Why are they so special?

  I admit that sometimes I get a little frustrated with the locals here. Am I always right and reasonable? Of course not. I’m human, and I can be judgmental at times. I admit it. However, I have nothing but

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Philippines – Hand in pocket

  The Philippines – A cash society Yes, the Philippines is most definitely a cash-society. EFTPOS terminals are rare, as are credit card facilities. Even at Down Under Visa, we don’t have a credit card terminal or even one of

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The charm and beauty of Filipina ladies

  Not sure if I’ve written something as specific as this before. Maybe Filipina charm and Filipina beauty is pretty obvious to Down Under Visa and Filipina Wives BLOG readers, but I feel like writing about it. Because if it wasn’t

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Employing Filipino Staff (in Philippines) – Cultural Differences

  Unless you live very simply here in the Philippines, you will end up employing someone to help you out. Everything takes a long time here, and there are some tasks you would rather not do, I’m sure. So it’s

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