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Products and services for a Filipina wife in Australia

  We are pretty fortunate in Australia these days when it comes to the availability of Asian foodstuffs. I live pretty much in the heart of the Pinoy Diaspora in Sydney, Blacktown City Council LGA. We have lots of food

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Australian Filipina relationships – It’s All About Control

  I’ve written about this before for various publications but I’m going to attack the topic again because it is so vital to the successful immersion of your Filipina into Australian life. No matter what adversity may come her way

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Expat Circles for Filipinas in Australia

  When you marry a Filipina and bring her ‘home’ to Oz, you have to realise you and her are in for some big changes. Once the ‘honeymoon’ is over, life takes on its everyday drudgery and grind and one

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Your Filipina Wife in Australia

What to do when your wife arrives from the Philippines So, she gets her visa. You’re both hugely excited, and you book the flight for her. She arrives. What now? I’ve known of men who’ve let her unpack, and have

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