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Onion skin – Bruised Filipino pride

  Filipinos are the nicest and kindest people in the world, but they tend to have “onion skin”. Filipino pride is easily hurt, and the reaction is not always rational. And it’s really important that you understand this if you’re

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Filipinas – Pride in Filipino appearance

  Filipina ladies. Filipina girls. Filipina wives. These beautiful ladies you fell in love with, and who make you feel lucky every day at how incredibly pretty they are. Yet there is a constant quest to improve on what we

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Decline in Morality in Philippines

  The Philippines was always known as the last bastion of innocence, where old fashioned “family values” still thrived and were the norm. It was the home of the virginal young lady waiting for Mr Right. Is there a decline

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Filipina ladies – Telling the truth or saving face

  In the Philippines there is often a conflict between telling the truth and saving “face”. There are also issues of being shy, of not offending others by saying something confronting, and of course being concerned about what others think.

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Social climbing in the Philippines

  How do you cope as a “rich man in the Philippines”? Yes, like it or not, that’s what you are here. That’s how the locals see you and regardless of what you say or feel, they will always see

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Maarte – Showing off, Filipino Style

  Do Filipinos care what others think? Do many like to be seen as a bit higher up the social ladder than they probably are right now? You betcha they do! And it seems to be increasing, with the Facebook-generation

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Ate and Kuya? Family acceptance in the Philippines.

  If you’ve visited the Philippines as part of an Australian Filipina relationship, no doubt someone has called you “kuya” or “ate” (pronounced like “ah-tay”) if you are a girl. You’ve probably asked about it and had it explained to

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Anti Mail Order Bride Laws in Philippines

  In the Philippines it is illegal to operate marriage agencies. The anti “mail order bride” laws are to protect the ladies of the Philippines from exploitation. Have you ever wondered why? It is illegal to operate any matchmaking services

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Differences between Philippines and Australia – Part 2

  Hello all. Something a bit different once again, just like last week. And it’s still not easy to get a clear perspective on the real differences between life in Australia and life in Philippines. This time it’s about moving from

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Differences between Australia and Philippines

Hello all. Something a bit different today. Not always easy to get a clear perspective on the real differences between life in Australia and life in the Philippines. Most of us haven’t really experienced the depths of both societies. I’ve

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